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• 6/24/2018

Miss Bunting

Was anyone else as annoyed with Miss Bunting, as I was? She was so rude and obnoxious, she claimed to love Tom, but did nothing but antagonize Robert.
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• 5/23/2018

Music from S2 E9 - Servants' Ball

Hi, I would like to know what is the music from the Servants' Ball - there is some really nice, cheerful music just after the scene with the maid affair being discovered.
Can anybody tell me the name of the song?
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• 5/16/2018

Can you answer this

Where did Edith suddenly get the typing skill she used in the episode where the editor walked out?
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• 4/29/2018

Brancaster in the Finale

In the finale episode, when Lord & Lady Grantham arrive at Brancaster Castle, they look around at it as if they had never been there before. Why? Hadn't they been there when they were invited by the Sinderby's for hunting? And hadn't Robert been there when he was young and single?
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• 4/18/2018

Working Age? How old is Thomas Barrow?

How old would you have to be to start working as a servant in downton times? I was looking at the info for Thomas and it says his birth date is 1896 so wouldn't that make him 14 Or 15 when he started working there in 1910? I was just wondering if that would be the minimum age back then for working as a junior footman or as another servant. And how old would Thomas have been at the beginning of the series?
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• 10/16/2017

The dowager's illness

When taking care of the dowager, why does Isabelle say "The family took me in and kept me close while living in Cannes"?
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• 9/28/2017

Series 2 Christmas Special (Servant's Ball)

At the Servant's Ball (after Rosamund finds her "admirer" in bed with her maid, there's a dance scene, in which Isobel dances with Carson, Mrs Padmore with Matthew and Edith with Thomas, BUT does anybody know the song/musical piece they used in that scene? It is so great, I love music from the 1900s, 1910s,...
Please tell me if you know it!
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• 10/5/2017

Am I the only one who can't stand Mary?

I started watching DA about 10 days ago and now im at s06e08. I remember that i didnt like Mary as much in the first few episodes but later on I was rooting on her. And after Sybil died, Edith and Mary talked and I thought their fighting came to its end. But since then Mary is acting so awful. In this season, it's pain for me nearly everytime she's on the screen because of the "entitled cold snobbish" look I always see on her face? I'm just at the part when she reveals Edith's secret about Marigold to Bertie. And dammit I do HATE her. I don't think she deserves a happy ending at all. I know that of course she will have a happy ending with Talbot but I wish she hadnt. Or that someone makes her realise what an awful way she is behaving. I understand that she is nice to Anna and Carson and that Edith revealed her secret about Pamuk, but the hell.. I hope she is punished for it.
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• 9/14/2017

Mr. Green's form of address

Why was Mr. Green supposed to be addressed as "Mr. Gillingham" in the first episode he appears in Season 4?  Were all valets addressed by their employers' last name traditionally?  if so why; some remnant of English paternalism/feudalism or something like that?  I haven't finished the whole season yet, so I'm sorry if this is answered later in the series.
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• 9/5/2017

Downton Abbey

why is Sarah Crowden as Lady Manville not in the listings ?
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• 8/12/2017

Music-genre from the Band: Season 6, Episode 4?

Can you tell me the music-genre / how to find such music: This little Band playing, when Lady Mary is in London and meets Henry Talbot for dinner?!
Thank you very much!
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• 7/18/2017

Series 2 Christmas Special

Wonder why neither Netflix or Hulu have it uploaded, both have the series ending with episode 8. Had to read about it here.
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• 5/30/2017

Thomas's Mother?

I was wondeing - the wiki lists Mrs. Barrow as dead, but I don't remember bieng told that in the series. The only place I remember her being mentioned at all, in fact, was when he was talking with Matthew in the trenches and said "If only my mother could see me now", which can be a sign that someone is dead, but can also mean they're just a long way off and unable to see what's become of someone.
Is this clarified somewhere that I'm not aware of or are people simply assuming from the phrasing and the fact that she (along with the rest of his family, including his very alive father) are always refered to in the past tense in cut scenes and such?
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• 5/19/2017

What ever happened to the fellow who showed at D.A> and claimed to be on the titanic and claims to be a related to the DA family

what ever happened to the fellow who came to DA and claiimed to have neen on the Titamic and   related to the  DA  family?
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• 5/12/2017

What does Robert's "Where did you learn to do that?" refer to during his conversation with Patrick Gordon?

When Robert and Patrick talk in episode 2.6, Patrick moves his finger as if he was touching his moustache (or if he was making a "shh!" sign touching his lips) and Robert says "Where did you learn to do that?". Does it mean that Patrick Gordon used to have a moustache, but Patrick Crawley didn't?
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• 5/7/2017

What can be said about characters based on their accents and manner of speaking?

What can you say about the characters just when you hear them speak? Is it possible to recognize where they are from, if they are upper, middle or lower class etc.? Do the actors imitate the accents well? I've heard that they speak in very different manners, but English is not my first language, so it's difficult for me to say much more about it.
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• 5/4/2017

Song from Season 4, Episode 4

When Rose and the others are leaving the Lotus, Jack Ross sings a song. The first verse is "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. A violet renamed would still be blue. The daffodils will grow in spring. No matter what you call the thing. So what's in a name?"  
What is that song?
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• 4/17/2017

Could we edit the timeline page?

I was thinking something like:

Story Notes

So we have the episode, the story that occurs and any extra notes for other things. E.g. we'd have a mention of pre 1895 for Robert's father creating a trust fund as that is the latest he was alive.

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• 2/22/2017

Embroidery sampler, above the doorway downstairs

There was an embroidery sampler, above the doorway downstairs, but the camera was never slow enough to enable one to read what it said. Any help here? Thank you.

Posted for Ragness.
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• 2/16/2017

Music in Season 6 Episode 3?

Doesn anyone know the piece of music played when Thomas Barrow goes for an interview at Sir Michael's place and Sir Michael starts remembering the parties that were held and the fcaes of the girls as they walk up the stairs?
Thank you.
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