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Your living is in Lord Grantham's gift. Your house is on Lord Grantham's land, and the very flowers in your church are from Lord Grantham's garden.
the Dowager Countess of Grantham to Albert Travis[src]

Reverend Albert Travis is the local clergyman of the St. Michael and All Angels Church in Downton. Travis has clearly known the Crawley family for many years, and has presided over the christening of many of its family members.



Travis is first seen after William Mason and Matthew Crawley return home from the Western Front after being injured. William is on his deathbed and wishes to marry Daisy Robinson. Violet meets with Travis to arrange the marriage. He question's William's and Daisy's intentions, suspecting she might be seeking to gain a widow's pension. Violet sticks up for William and states she will attend the wedding, reminding Travis that her son is his patron. Travis later performs the marriage before William dies.

Travis is then seen presiding over the funeral of Lavinia Swire. According to Lord Grantham, Travis had arranged the time in order for attenders to arrive.


Travis helps with the arrangements for Mary and Matthew Crawley's wedding. Mary says she would have been happy with him performing the marriage, but her father insisted on it being done by a higher clergyman, the Archbishop of York. Isobel Crawley later remarked to Edith Crawley that it seemed unfair for her when she was set to marry Anthony Strallan that Travis would perform her marriage rather than the Archbishop. But Edith was content with Travis. Travis and Violet discussed Strallan's first wife on the wedding day shortly before Strallan jilted Edith.

After Tom Branson expreses his wish to baptize his daughter Catholic, Robert (who opposes the decision) invites Travis to dinner. Travis shows his dark side by insulting the Catholic faith, feeling there is "something un-English" about it, and he describes its traditions as "pagan" which he feels do not please God. He also believes God prefers the worship of the Anglicans over others. Mary, Edith, Matthew, and Isobel Crawley defend Tom. Mary ends the disagreement over the baby's christening by relating her conversation with Sybil in which Sybil insisted she did not object to her child being Catholic. Cora then silences Robert.


Travis presides over the weddings of Charles Carson to Elsie Hughes, Henry Talbot to Mary Crawley, and Herbert Pelham to Edith Crawley.


  • Though never officially confirmed, it is likely that Travis presided over both Sybil's and Matthew's funerals, as well as the christening of Mary and Matthew's son George, and possibly even Marigold when she was living with the Drewe family.
  • Though never officially confirmed, it is likely that Travis presided over the wedding of Richard Grey and Isobel Crawley.


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