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Amelia Mary Grey (née Cruikshank) is the wife of Larry Grey, the eldest son of Lord Merton.


Amelia is the daughter of Henry Cruikshank and his wife. Little is known of her background or how she met her eventual husband.

Given how Larry disapproved of his father marrying Isobel Crawley because she was a woman with "neither birth nor fortune" and berated Tom Branson for being "only a grubbly little chauffeur chap", it is likely that at the very least, Amelia comes from a wealthy family.



Born at Copley House sometime before 1925[1], Amelia Cruikshank arrives at Crawley House with her fiancée's father Lord Merton to meet Isobel. She appears to disapprove of her fiancé's attitude towards Isobel, and says that she will try to convince Larry to change his attitude toward her. She even has a wedding invitation extended to Isobel. Suspicious, Violet pays Amelia a visit, and discovers that the purpose of her encouraging Isobel to marry Lord Merton is that she is unwilling to nurse Lord Merton, and wants Cavenham Park for herself to control. Shortly after this, Isobel pays her a visit and during the meeting Amelia keeps her friendly facade about her and Larry's approval of Lord Merton and Isobel's marriage, although Isobel states to her that if she and Lord Merton were to marry, Isobel would want to hear the words from Larry's own lips, not Amelia's.

After marrying Larry, Amelia starts showing her true colours by refusing Isobel to see Lord Merton when he is ill with apparent pernicious anaemia. She doesn't want Isobel in her way and even slammed the door on Isobel's face. Luckily the indomitable Violet saves Isobel by barging into Cavenham Park where Amelia and Larry are furious to see them, especially Amelia, who claims Lord Merton should rest and that her smooth façade of warmth towards Mrs Crawley is gone. Mrs Crawley stands up for herself and proves her love for Lord Merton by convincing him that she'll marry him and look after him. Lord Merton happily accepts leaving Cavenham Park to a furious Larry and Amelia. Violet gets the last word in towards the snobbish woman, "And who can argue with that?!"


  • The invitation to hers and Larry's wedding lists her parents as "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cruikshank" - suggesting her father doesn't hold a title.


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