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Audrey is a recurring character in the sixth and final series of Downton Abbey. She is a secretary at The Sketch.



Audrey overhears a shouting match between Lady Edith and Mr Skinner. She later walks into the room and presents some papers to Edith. She is also mentioned as not liking Mr Skinner at all as when Lady Edith fired him, she remarked good riddance. She later helped Lady Edith along with Bertie Pelham to complete the deadline by getting all the magazine articles typed and printed by 4:00 AM so that they could be delivered. She later serves Edith and Bertie Pelham coffee.

One month later, she led a newcomer, Laura Edmunds, in to where she was having a job interview with Edith for editor.

Audrey, Laura, and Edith prepare to meet a collaborator to the magazine, and are unsure if they have invited the real Cassandra Jones. If they are sure that they have met the real Cassandra Jones, they agree on the code word "bananas" to signal that Miss Jones is actually who they say they are. Miss Jones turns out to be Septimus Spratt, the butler of Edith's grandmother.

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