Episode 2.02 Brookes and Sir Richard Carlisle arrive at Downton Abbey, brought by car from the railway station by Tom Branson. Later, Lady Mary accompanies them both to the railway station, to see Sir Richard off.
Sir Richard: "You can leave me, Brookes."
Brookes: "Yes, sir."
Sir Richard Carlisle dimisses Brooks so that he can talk with Carson.[src]

Brookes is Sir Richard Carlisle's valet, that he brought with him to Downton Abbey while staying there in 1918.

Brookes was dressing Sir Richard for dinner, when Carson was summoned up so that Sir Richard could invite him to work for him and Lady Mary at Haxby Park. Sir Richard excused Brookes so that he did not listen to the conversation.

Episode 2.09 Brookes is waiting outside Downton Abbey while Sir Richard makes his apologies for his frightful behaviour the night before. As Brookes closes the car door on Sir Richard, snow begins to fall.

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