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Captain Smiley
Captain Smiley: "I'm left-handed. How's that for luck?"
Edith: "I'm surprised your school didn't force you to use the right."
Captain Smiley: "My mother wouldn't let them. But now I wish they had. I've asked the others, and they say you're the one to help me."
Episode 2.03

Captain Smiley was an Army officer who stayed at Downton Abbey when it was a convalescent home. He asks Edith to help him write a letter to his mother because he did not want her to see a different handwriting, revealing that he had lost a hand, his left hand, and as luck would have it, he is left handed. Edith is shocked that he was not forced to use the right in school, but his mother would not allow it. Now he wished that they had.


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