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Caroline Talbot (b. 1926) is the daughter of Mary and Henry Talbot, and the younger half-sister of George Crawley. She has two older cousins: Sybbie Branson and Marigold. Edith Pelham is her aunt, and Tom Branson and Bertie Pelham her uncles. She is currently the youngest granddaughter of Robert and Cora Crawley and second youngest grandchild after the birth of her cousin, Peter Pelham.



Mary learned she was pregnant with Caroline in December 1925, shortly before her sister's wedding, telling her husband Henry at his new car dealership and swearing both him and her brother-in-law Tom Branson to secrecy, so as not to steal Edith's thunder. She later said to Henry they could announce her pregnancy as soon as Edith had left on honeymoon.


Caroline is present with her brother and cousins when the family discuss the upcoming royal visit and also Tom's strange absence. Mary took her from Nanny and Caroline sat on her mother's lap, playing with her necklace. Later at Harewood House, Mary expresses her doubts and fears about the future of Downton Abbey, questioning her grandmother if George and Caroline will still be living in it in the future.




Downton Abbey Film[]

"Mummy!"  :-Caroline when Mary picked her up.

Series 6[]

"I'll never ask for another thing again, I swear!"  ::"Yes, you will. And you're going to get it, too."
-Mary indirectly informing her husband about her pregnancy.
"A new baby. A new business. I suppose I must have been as happy as this, but I can't imagine when."
-Henry Talbot, reflecting on his recent good luck.
"Can't we just tell your parents?"  ::"As soon as Edith leaves on honeymoon, we can tell the whole world."
-Henry and Mary at Edith's wedding, on whether to inform Robert and Cora about Mary's pregnancy.
"I'd like to go on working, my lady. If we can sort out the baby."  ::"We'll have him here in the nursery during the day, to be followed by a young Talbot in due course, and then we'll see."
-Anna and Mary shortly after the birth of Anna's son.

Downton Abbey Film[]

"Are we right to keep it all going? When the world it was built for is fading with every day that passes? Will George and Caroline still be living that life?"
-Mary voicing her doubts about keeping Downton running, and worrying for her children's future.


  • Caroline is the first (and currently only) of Robert and Cora's grandchildren to have both her biological parents living (Sybbie and George each having lost a parent shortly after birth and Marigold's father having died before she was born).


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