Caroline Talbot (b. 1926) is the daughter of Mary and Henry Talbot, and the younger half-sister of George Crawley. She is currently the youngest grandchild of Robert and Cora Crawley. She has two older cousins: Sybbie Branson and Marigold. Edith Pelham is her aunt, and Tom Branson and Bertie Pelham her uncles.



Mary learned she was pregnant with Caroline in December 1925, shortly before her sister's wedding, telling her husband Henry at his new car dealership and swearing both him and her brother-in-law Tom Branson to secrecy, so as not to steal Edith's thunder. She later said to Henry they could announce her pregnancy as soon as Edith had left on honeymoon.


Caroline is present with her brother and cousins when the family discuss the upcoming royal visit and also Tom's strange absence. Later at Harewood House, Mary expresses her doubts and fears about the future of Downton Abbey, questioning her grandmother if George and Caroline will still be living in it in the future.

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