Charles "Charlie" Rogers was a friend of Atticus Aldridge invited to Brancaster Castle for the grouse season in 1924. He brings Henry Talbot with him. He offers to stay with his loader for the grouse shooting and then at the end brings his and Henry's suitcases and drives away with Henry in his sports car.



Charlie and Henry do a racecourse test drive, with Tom and Lady Mary watching them. He appears to be a better driver than Henry. Then he, Henry, Lady Mary, Tom along with Evelyn Napier and Lady Anne Acland have dinner at the Criterion restaurant in London, where he admits to Mary that Henry had been talking about her non stop. He later takes part in a sports car race at Brooklands along with Henry, where the Crawley family were spectating but unfortunately he died in a car accident on the 20th[1] of July 1925 at Brooklands Race Track because his car malfunctioned, swerved to the side and caught fire, pronouncing him dead at the scene. His death greatly upsets everyone, especially Henry Talbot and Lady Mary, which causes her to break up with Talbot, referring to Charlie's death as a bloody and wasted death which could have been prevented.

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  1. Molesley mentions that his and Daisy's exams are on "the 20th"; as they take their exams in the episode, it has to end on the 21st as the family dine with Rosamund, then return to Downton on the morning after the death of Charlie.
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