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{{Infobox character}}
|name=Chris Webster
|name=Chris Webster

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|name=Chris Webster |title= |image= |hideb= |born= |died= |marital= |address= |titles= |military= |hidep= |gender=Male |height= |hair=Brown |eyes= |hidef= |family= |hidea= |job= |showbts=1 |portrayedby=Perry Fitzpatrick


Chris meets Thomas Barrow in a bar while Thomas is waiting for Richard Ellis to come back from visiting his parents. He invites Thomas to leave with him and Thomas accepts. Chris takes Thomas to a secret nightclub for homosexual men and they dance together before the bar is raided by police and everyone is arrested.


Thomas Barrow

Chris meets Thomas and takes him to a secret gay nightclub where they dance together before they are arrested.


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