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{{Infobox character
|name=Chris Webster
|born=on or before 4/5 August 1896 (age 31 or above)<ref name="Birth Date">In order to become part of the Britsh Army in 1914, you had had to be at least 18 years of age. Thomas is apparently part of the army on 4/5 August 1914, when Dr Clarkson announces that he had found Thomas a Medical Corps post to be assigned to, so therefore Thomas must have been at least 18 in 1914. That puts Thomas' birthday on or before 4/5 August 1896.</ref>
|marital=Romantically attached to [[Richard Ellis]]
|address=[[Downton Abbey]], [[Yorkshire]], [[England]]
|titles=Mr Barrow<br/>Thomas<br/>Barrow
|military=Corporal, later Lance Sergeant (left service early; wounded)
|height=6'1½" (1,87 m)
|family=Mr Barrow (father)<br/>Mrs Barrow (mother)<br/>Unnamed sister
|job= Butler of [[Downton Abbey]]<br/> Butler to [[Mark Stiles|Sir Mark Stiles]] (formerly)<br/> Under-butler at Downton Abbey (formerly)<br/> Valet at [[Downton Abbey]] (formerly)<br/> First Footman at [[Downton Abbey]] (formerly)<br/> Army Lance Sergeant (formerly)
|loyalty=[[George Crawley]]<br/>[[Miss Sybil Branson|Sybbie Branson]]<br/>[[James Kent]]<br/>[[Andrew Parker]]<br/>[[Phyllis Baxter]]<br/>[[Sybil Branson]]<br/>[[Edward Courtenay]]<br/>[[Sarah O'Brien]] (formerly)<br/>[[Duke of Crowborough]] (formerly)<br/>[[Richard Ellis]]
|portrayedby=[[Rob James-Collier]]
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Chris meets Thomas Barrow in a bar while Thomas is waiting for Richard Ellis to come back from visiting his parents. He invites Thomas to leave with him and Thomas accepts. Chris takes Thomas to a secret nightclub for homosexual men and they dance together before the bar is raided by police and everyone is arrested.


Thomas Barrow

Chris meets Thomas and takes him to a secret gay nightclub where they dance together before they are arrested.



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