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The Fourth Countess of Grantham (b. sometime before 1827[1] - sometime before 1892[2]) was the mother of Patrick Crawley, 5th Earl of Grantham and his younger brother, the wife of The Fourth Earl of Grantham, mother-in-law of Violet and James's wife, grandmother of Robert, Rosamund and James Crawley, grandmother-in-law of Marmaduke Painswick, Cora, and James's wife, great-grandmother of Patrick Crawley, Mary Crawley, Edith Crawley and Sybil Crawley, future great-grandmother-in-law of Matthew Crawley, current great-grandmother-in-law of Tom Branson and future-great-great-grandmother of Sybil's Unborn Child.

According to Violet, The Fourth Countess of Grantham "made everything dark" and used to live in Crawley House after her husband's death[3].


  1. Patrick Crawley, 5th Earl of Grantham was born in 1845, and his younger brother was born some time after him, so his mother must have been at least eighteen to have given birth to him, as the first season for a woman is seventeen, making her birthdate, at the latest, 1827.
  2. The Fourth Countess of Grantham had died sometime before Mary was born in 1892, as she does not mention her.
  3. Violet says this when greeting Matthew and Isobel in Episode 1.02.
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