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Craig was John Bates's cellmate when he was in prison.


John told Anna Bates he was not too sure about Craig when they first became cell mates in 1920. Despite Anna's mother's advice to never make an enemy by accident, it was clear there were tensions between them.


Craig with John Bates.

Despite John's insistence that he was innocent, Craig told him that he had to confess, or the authorities would never let him out when the time came. When John said that he would never confess to something that he didn't do. Craig called him pious and overly touchy. John first told him to leave him be. When Craig asked him if that was a warning, John turned and emphatically "warned" him that it was. John saw Craig with a guard, Durrant, passing something to him. They were apparently smuggling drugs into the prison. Craig threatened to harm John if he did not stay silent about that. John then threw Craig up against the wall and squeezed his throat. Craig said that he forgot that he was sharing a cell with a murderer.

Craig attempted to frame John by planting drugs in his bed. Fortunately, another prisoner who hated Craig, Dent, warned John, who found it just in time before the guards came in to investigate. Craig called them bastards, to which John replied there were a few in that prison. Later when John planted the same drugs in Craig's bed. Craig was found with drugs and was taken by the guards. He warned John, saying, "you'll be sorry."

Craig got a year added to his sentence and Durrant got a reprimand put in his file. They were both angry and wanted revenge on John. When evidence in the form of testimony by Audrey Bartlett (John's former wife Vera's closest friend) came to light that would free John, Craig and Durrant learned of it, and they leaned on Mrs Bartlett to withhold the testimony. John found this out and threatened to expose Craig and Durrant's drug business unless they removed the pressure (or incentive) from Mrs Bartlett. Craig and Durrant must have acted soon thereafter, since Mrs. Bartlett gave testimony to Robert Crawley's and John's lawyer George Murray right away, causing John to be released from prison.


  • It is unknown whether Craig is his first or last name. 


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