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Rachel Aldridge: "What is this little chap called?"
Diana Clark: "Uh - D - Daniel."
Rachel Aldridge: "Daniel?! But how extraordinary! That's Lord Sinderby's name!"
— Diana introducing her son to Lady Sinderby.[src]

Daniel Clark is the illegitimate son of Diana Clark and Lord Sinderby. Atticus Aldridge is his elder half-brother.



Daniel and his mother come to Brancaster Castle in Northumberland on the pretense that Lord Sinderby asked them to come and would be alone to see them.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, as Thomas Barrow arranged their coming to get back at Lord Sinderby for insulting him and to implicate Sinderby's butler, Stowell, who knew the secret of the child.

Lord Sinderby's daughter-in-law Lady Rose sees him in a panic and gets Diana's name from him and immediately takes control of the situation, presenting Diana as a friend who happened to be nearby and she asked to come visit. Lord Grantham and Lady Mary play along as well when they figure out the truth as well.

Daniel and his mother soon leave, the latter thanking Rose for saving herself and Lord Sinderby from humiliation.


  • Daniel Clark, like Charlie Parks and Marigold, was born out of wedlock. Marigold's father, like Daniel's, was married to another woman.
  • Since Daniel bears the same first name as Lord Sinderby, it is highly likely he was named for his father.
  • It is unknown if he and his mother are Jewish like Lord Sinderby.


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