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Dent (to the right) and John Bates.

Dent is a fellow prisoner incarcerated with John Bates. One morning when they are getting exercise, walking in circles in the yard, he warns Bates to search his room and his bed, as Craig and Durrant are going to try to set him up. This leads to Bates to finding the drugs planted by his cellmate, Craig, just in time before the guards search his bed.

Later, while they are working together stitching sacks, Dent informs Bates that one of the guards, Durrant, is a crooked drugs dealer working with Craig who sells them inside the prison. Bates has stopped receiving visits and letters from his wife, Craig and Durrant have had him named a violent prisoner. Bates has come up with a plan to turn the tables on Craig, by planting the drugs in his bed. He asks Dent to inform on Craig to the guard Turner. When Bates asks Dent why he is helping him, Dent replies that he cannot stand Craig.


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  • Dent is portrayed by Karl Haynes.
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