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The UK DVD cover.

Downton Abbey - Series 2 is available on DVD and Blu-ray and contains series two of Downton Abbey. In the UK both the DVD and the Blu-ray were released on the 7th November 2011. In the US the DVD was released on the February 7, 2012. The DVD contains four discs and the Blu-ray contains three. They have been given a classification rating of 12 in the UK.



Bonus features[]

  • DVD Disc 1 (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment):
    • Episode 1 - Commentary
  • DVD Disc 3 (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment):
    • Deleted Scenes
    • House to Hospital
    • Fashion and Uniforms
    • Romance in a Time of Warfare


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Also available in multi-season/series bundles in DVD & Blu-ray.