Robert: "I'm not sure Tom's visiting the school is such a good idea. He made a friend of one of the schoolmistresses while we were in London for Rose's season."
Cora: "What's wrong with that?"
Robert: "I don't intend to explain, but I was rather disappointed in him"
Episode 5.01

Downton School is the school in Downton that the children from the village attend. Sarah Bunting worked there as a teacher. In 1925, Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes hold their wedding in the school.

Daisy began studying for exams there, which Miss Bunting helped her with before she left. Joseph Molesley later assisted her with them. After the school's headmaster, Mr Dawes, noted Molesley's enthusiasm for education at Carson and Mrs Hughes's wedding, he offered to devise a general knowledge exam for him, in the hope that Molesley would help out at the school.

Molesley and Daisy both passed their exams, and Molesley began teaching classes at the school. Eventually when one of the teachers retired, Molesley took over his position, and would occasionally return to Downton to help out with special events (one being the arrival of the King and Queen in 1927).

Downton School behind tree

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