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Downton Wars was a pair of satirical videos shot by Rob James-Collier to promote his running in the 2015 Virgin London Marathon for the Chilterns MS Centre charity. James-Collier promoted fundraising via the web site (since taken down). This set of videos was actually for the second charity run by James-Collier as he also did the run for Chilterns MS Centre in 2014 (he unfortunately didn't meet his target, but the surplus from 2015 covered the shortfall).

This was not a high production value effort, but was entertaining and silly. Brendan Coyle was particularly out of character, but clearly enjoyed making it.


  • Downton Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Valet was more of a teaser for Episode 2 and set up the conflict between Bates as the Jedi and Thomas as the Sith Lord.
  • Downton Wars: Episode 2 - The Evil Butler Strikes Back was a much longer effort with Bates and Thomas battling much of the time while many more of the main cast members were woven throughout. The ending is quite fun with a nice twist.


Downton Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Valet[]

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