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Dr. Ryder is a minor recurring character who first appears in the third series of Downton Abbey. He is a specialist in problems regarding feminine ideals.



Cora mentions to Mary that she couldn't be in better hands than his, but that is the end of the conversation, because Matthew interrupts them. When Matthew asks what they were talking about Mary dismisses as "women stuff."

Matthew later visits him in London, as he is a specialist in the field of fertility and Matthew fears that his inability to father a child is a result of his war injuries. Ryder disavows this notion, but Matthew still insists on getting further tests. Matthew suspects that his wife has also come to see Ryder, but the doctor says that he cannot recall treating a "Mrs Crawley", not that he could "comment on it" if he did, due to patient confidentiality. Dr Ryder is convinced that there are no serious problems and there will be a baby soon. But then, as Matthew is going down the stairs, he sees his wife Mary who is checking in for her appointment. She gives her name as Mrs Levinson. This is her mother's maiden name.

Later as they are having tea, Mary reveals that she had been seeing Dr Ryder for awhile and that there had been a fertility problem, but it was her and not Matthew. She says "there was something wrong" that it required a small operation, but she finds the matter to delicate to talk about, even with her husband. This operation had been done six weeks before and this appointment with Dr Ryder was a follow up visit. She was to meet him today just to see if everything was fine, that she had healed properly, which he said that she had. Matthew was glad to hear that this was the reason she had been saying that she was too tired at bed time for anything romantic. Dr Ryder had asked her to get in touch with him in six months time, but insisted she would be pregnant by then.


In 1925, Ryder was visited by Lady Mary and Anna to why Anna had three miscarriages and no child. He explained that her case was incompetence and was not unusual. He said that to treat it, he would insert a stitch into the neck of the womb, which would enable the mother to fully produce children again. He then said that he would do the operation at the cottage and for Anna to get in touch with him during the next time she became pregnant.

Later, Lady Mary and Anna went to see Dr. Ryder again, concerning a crisis involving Anna's recent pregnancy.


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