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The Drawing Room, usually used in the evenings, is decorated with soft colours such as pinks and creams, as well as blue silk covered wallpaper. The room is a communal one and entertains the ladies and gentlemen before and after dinner. The room plays host to many games of Bridge and other games. The room is more formal than the Library and presided over by Carson. On occasions the room may be used in the day by Lady Mary, Lady Edith or Lady Grantham who may sit and sew, perhaps read the latest Vogue catalogue, or to write a letter. The room, as explained by Mrs Crawly on her visit to Canvenham Park, has that of a feminine personality, so too the the music rooms and tea rooms, where as the Libraries and Dining Rooms of a country house, hence the ladies' connection with this delightful and beautiful room. During the first world war the room doubled as a ward when the house was converted into a convalescent home. The room was cleared of much of its contents, and white cast iron hospital beds were brought in. The room is once again transformed back to its former glory and continued to be one of the main impressive features at Downton Abbey.

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