Duneagle Castle is the former home of young, headstrong Rose MacClare[1], and her parents, Hugh and Susan MacClare.

The castle is a grander step up from Downton Abbey, with deer stalking and fishing also on hand in the stunning surrounding Scottish countryside[1]. Rose also mentions that Duneagle did engage in pig farming when Downton decides to enter it.

In the 2012 Christmas Special the Crawley family visit for their regular holiday. They have visited every year except for 1914 - 1918 - because of World War I - and 1920 - because of Sybil's death.

Duneagle Castle was lost sometime after September 1921 as all the MacClare family fortune was gone.

Known Rooms

Ground Floor

  • Entrance Hall
  • Armoury Hall
  • Stair Halls
  • Dining Room
  • Tapestry Drawing Room
  • Study
  • Green Library
  • Brown Library
  • Saloon
  • Private Drawing Room
  • Private Entrance Hall
  • Private Dining Room

Upper Floors

  • Bedrooms

Other Rooms

  • Ballroom
  • Servants' Hall
  • Billiards Room





Behind the scenes

  • Inveraray Castle, a castle in Argyll, Scotland was used as the filming location for Duneagle Castle.
  • For some scenes, including all those set in the ballroom, Wrotham Park was used; the same location had been used as the eponymous house of Lord Fellowes' previous peerage-based venture, Gosford Park.



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