Durrant (center) with Craig.

Durrant is a crooked prison guard.  He is revealed to John Bates by another prisoner to be a drug dealer working with Craig, who is Bates' cellmate. Bates does not respond to their threats and so they hide drugs in his bed and inform on him. When Dent warns him of this, Bates is able to find the drugs and hide them, just in time. Durrant is angry and has him labeled as a violent prisoner following his outburst against Craig. This results in the stoppage of all correspondence between Bates and his wife. Anna is also not allowed to see her husband on visiting days, with no explanation given. Both are terribly distraught at this each believing that the other no longer cares. Turner brings Bates his mail back, warning him to beware Durrant, because Durrant does not like Bates.

Later, when evidence came to light that would release Bates, Durrant and Craig conspired to prevent this, but failed.


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Notes Edit

  • Durrant was portrayed by Neil Bell.
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