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Lady Edith Crawley and Bertie Pelham came from very different social classes initially. Bertie being a middle class land agent and Edith being the second daughter of the Earl of Grantham. But then later on Bertie becomes the 7th Marquess of Hexham.

Edith and Bertie first met in the end of year grouse season in 1924, where Lord Sinderby rents Brancaster Castle and invites the Crawley Family as well as additional guests such as Henry Talbot, Charlie Rogers and Bertie Pelham, who was its land agent at the time. Bertie offers to have Edith to stand by him while he shoots the grouse. They then exchange small talk when Edith asks Bertie how long he has been Brancaster's agent, his life ambitions and if he gets invited to Brancaster so often.

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