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Episode 2.04 is the fourth episode of the second season of Downton Abbey, and the eleventh episode overall.


Set in early 1918.[1] Ethel's flirting with Major Bryant lands her in trouble as preparations get under way for a concert at Downton. Tensions flare between Isobel and Cora, Edith receives worrying news about Matthew and William, while Branson declares his feelings for Sybil. Lord Grantham receives a letter from Carlisle, which causes him concern forcing an uncomfortable conversation with Mary. Mrs Bird's soup kitchen receives a helping hand from Daisy and Mrs Patmore. In the servants’ quarters, Mrs Hughes makes a shocking discovery that ends in tears for one member of staff.

MrsPatmore Daisy204

Mrs Beryl Patmore and Daisy Robinson from episode 2.04.

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  1. Since Ethel's baby has been born by Episode 2.05, which takes place in August, and because prior to modern pregnancy tests women might not be sure they were actually pregnant until the fourth or fifth month, it is unlikely this episode takes place later than March 1918.

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