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Episode 3.04 is the fourth episode of the third season of Downton Abbey, and the twentieth episode overall.


Set between 1st and 18th August 1920:[notes 1] When an aristocrat's home in Ireland is burned, Branson is found to have been at the burning and is wanted by the police. He escapes to Downton Abbey without Sybil, and the Crawleys are outraged. Sybil eventually returns to Downton safely, and Robert is able to convince the Home Secretary to allow Tom to remain in England. But Tom will be arrested if he returns to Ireland.

Anna has not received any letters from Bates and is no longer allowed to visit. However, Bates wonders why Anna's letters and visits have stopped. When Bates falls back into the prison guards' favour, he and Anna receive their missing letters. Ethel decides to let her two-year-old son live with his paternal grandparents so he can have a better life. Carson recruits a new footman, Jimmy Kent, who attracts the attention of the female staff and Thomas. Ivy Stuart, the new kitchen maid, draws Alfred's attention away from an envious Daisy. Edith writes to the newspaper supporting more widespread women's suffrage.


Edith goes to Dower House for tea. The young lady is still quite angry due to she was abandoned at the altar and Violet tells her to go and find a job, since she's an intelligent woman with "reasonable abilities". Anna confides to Mrs. Hughes that she hasn't letters from Bates since a few weeks weeks and she starts to cry, but the housekeeper tries to comfort her. Bates is also worried and fears that his wife is playing the hero, due to she's not coming to visit him anymore. In the evening at Downton Abbey, a dinner is held with an archbishop, when there is a loud knock on the front door. Carson and Mary open the door and see Tom Branson, wet because of rain. Lady Mary doesn't want to spoil the evening, so she lies, telling the family that at the door it was only a boy delivering village brochures. After the meal is over, the family sees Branson and learns that he is in trouble with Ireland and that he has left Sybil to return alone. Robert is furious with the news and accuses him of leaving a pregnant woman alone; the Earl barely agrees to let him and Sybil move to Downton. Mr. Carson confesses to Mrs. Hughes that he always knew that Branson one day would have brought trouble to the estate.

Isobel and Mrs. Hughes meet Ethel, who tells them she has figured out what to do with her son Charlie: although she is very sorry, she chooses to leave him to the Bryants. On the day of departure, Ethel is deeply saddened, but she knows that, by now, her little son will live as he should. Sybil arrives to Downton Abbey, where she finds and hugs her husband in relief. That same day, Jimmy Kent comes to apply for a job as a second waiter, while the new kitchen maid Ivy Stuart arrives. Alfred immediately notices the girl, making Daisy very jealous. The assistant cook also begins to be rude to Ivy. Mrs. Patmore is upset with her colleague's behavior.

Matthew examines the property's books and finds out that it has not been managed properly for many years. One night, Sybil and Branson go to sleep and she discovers that her husband has not told her that he had attended revolutionary meetings. Sybil is hurt and Tom asks her to forgive him and kisses her on the cheek, but she still looks upset. Carson sees smoke coming out of the door and takes the buckets of sand thinking there is fire - luckily, it's only Mrs. Hughes trying out the new electric toaster. Bates had been thwarted by his "enemies" in prison and for this reason Anna's visits and letters had been suspended; this is of relief to man. Dent, inmate, tells Bates that Craig and Durrant are working together to sell drugs. Therefore Mr. Bates manages to hide the drug in Craig's bed, an act that leads the latter to be taken away by the guards. After these events, Anna's letters finally reach her husband, who also receives all of Anna's letters. The two read them, moved.

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