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Episode 4.04 is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Downton Abbey, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.

It first aired on the 13th October, 2013 on ITV in the UK. It aired in the US as part 3 on January 19, 2014 on most PBS stations.


Amid the fallout of the eventful house party a trip to the bright lights of London is planned. Here Sir John Bullock shows his true colours and Rose finds gallantry comes from an unexpected quarter. Gregson shares ambitious plans with Edith, taking their relationship to another level. Back at the Abbey Mary faces a pressing question about her future, Isobel accepts an offer from Dr Clarkson which rekindles her social conscience, and the manipulative Edna finds herself outmaneuvered. Below stairs Carson reveals surprisingly intimate details of his former life, and Daisy’s clumsy attempt to get closer to Alfred may push him further away.


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Version Differences[]

Scenes added or extended in the PBS version relative to the ITV version:
  1. After Robert says goodbye to Michael Gregson, there is a scene with Michael, Edith, and Mr. Sampson where Edith gets Michael to return Sampson's note, but in return Sampson must not play for money in any of the clubs.
  2. After the scene where Anna asks Mrs. Hughes if she can move back into the house, there is a scene at the clinic with Isobel, Dr. Clarkson and two new characters, Mrs. Pegg, mother of John Pegg and daughter Greta.
  3. Just before the first scene at the Lotus Club there is another scene at the clinic with Isobel and Dr. Clarkson discussing the Pegg family.
  4. That scene is followed by another extended scene involving Daisy, Alfred, Mrs. Patmore and Thomas primarily involving discussions of Daisy's clumsy effort to get Alfred's attention by having him discover Ivy and Jimmy in the boot room.
  5. After the first scene at the Lotus Club there is a scene between Robert and Cora in their bedroom discussing Mary and Tony Gillingham.
  6. The scene where Mrs. Hughes confronts Edna with evidence of her lie is extended where Edna claims Tom seduced her and that cannot be changed, to which Mrs Hughes points out that Edna was not seduced at all.
  7. The scene with Robert, Cora and Anna discussing Edna's departure is slightly extended with a discussion about Mary and Tony.


  1. This character does not appear in the original ITV broadcast.

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