Episode 4.08 is the eighth episode of series four of Downton Abbey. It first aired on the 10th November, 2013 on ITV. It aired in the US as part 7 on February 16, 2014 on most PBS stations.

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Set in July or August 1922:       

Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it?

Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Anthony Foyle for a favour.

Rose has her nose put out of joint when plans don’t go her way, and Alfred realises too late that he may have made a mistake.

Just when John and Anna Bates seem to be coming through the worst of their troubles, some unexpected news gives her fresh cause for concern.[1]

Mary confronts Rose about her relationship with Jack Ross. Rose angrily proclaims her love for him and her intention to marry him.

The Crawley family hosts the church bazaar, a large party on the grounds outside Downton Abbey. There are food booths and games.

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  1. Series four episode eight trailer at ITV.

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