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2013 Christmas Special is the feature length Christmas special episode of Downton Abbey that ends series four. It is expected to air on December 25, 2013 on ITV in the UK.


Joining the main cast will be Shirley MacLaine who will reprise her role as Martha Levinson and Paul Giamatti who will be playing Harold Levinson.[1]


Set in the spring/summer of 1923. Rose's coming out ball will be at Buckingham Palace, with Cora's mother Martha and brother Harold in attendance. Martha has expressed a desire to, in Robert's words, "see another London Season before she dies".[2]

The Crawley family is implicated in a scandal threatening to engulf the royal family, and Robert must go to great lengths to protect his family and the monarchy. Edith is struggling with a moral dilemma of her own, while Isobel has attracted an admirer. Daisy receives an unexpected invitation, while Carson treats the staff to a day out at the beach.[3]


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