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Episode 5.01 is the first episode of the fifth season of Downton Abbey, and the thirty-fifth episode overall.

It first aired on the 21st September, 2014 on ITV in the UK. In the US, it first aired on January 4, 2015 on PBS. It takes place shortly after Ramsay MacDonald has become the new Prime Minister (between 9th - 17th February 1924)[1].


Returning to Downton in 1924, a new Labour government heralds changes that are being felt throughout the land, as well as above and below stairs.

Plans for a war memorial unexpectedly pit Carson against Robert and Mrs Hughes. While unwanted female attention spells trouble for Jimmy, Thomas gives Baxter an ultimatum. Tom's burgeoning friendship causes Robert concern while Mary is ready to find love again.

Cracks appear in Edith and Drewe’s special arrangement as she increasingly struggles to keep her own motherly love for Marigold in check; this may have disastrous consequences for the whole household. On the sixteenth February 1924, Lord and Lady Grantham hold a party at Downton to celebrate their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. A careless action by Lady Edith causes a fire to break out in her room. fortunately, Thomas raises the alarm and has everyone get out safely. Mr. Drewe tells Edith that she will take a special interest in Marigold.


Edith is on a bicycle and arrives near Yew Tree Farm, where she watches from afar to see her own one/two-year-old daughter playing with the clothes Mrs. Drewe is set to hang on a clothesline.

Robert leaves the living room when he runs into Sybbie, who continues to call him "donk" because of a game of "pinning the tail to the donkey". Mrs Hughes informs Mrs Patmore that Saturday will be Lord and Lady Grantham's 34th wedding anniversary, so she can organize herself by baking a cake. Jimmy has received a new letter from the woman he previously worked for, Lady Anstruther. The post office clerk has asked Robert for an appointment because they want to talk to Carson - they want to erect a war memorial for the county's fallen. Thomas sees Baxter and asks if she knows anything about Anna and Bates, but she continues to deny. She doesn't want to spy for him. Meanwhile, he starts talking to Molesley, just arrived in the Servants' Hall.

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  1. Robert and Cora's anniversary party falls on Saturday the 16th. In 1924, the 16th only fell on a Saturday in the months of February and August and Episode 5.02 is set in April 1924, meaning the episode is placed squarely in February. As well as this, Mrs Hughes says that the anniversary is on "Saturday week" meaning that a week has passed in the episode. A week before the 16th is the 9th.

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