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== Cast List ==
== Cast List ==
Expected cast:<ref name="Episode 6.05 on Radio Times">[ Series 6 - Episode 5 Cast List] as provided by [ Radio Times]</ref>
* [[Oliver & Zac Barker]] as [[George Crawley]]
* [[Oliver & Zac Barker]] as [[George Crawley]]

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Episode 6.05 is the fifth episode in the sixth series of Downton Abbey. It will air on October 18th, 2015 in the UK, and on January 31st, 2016 in the US.


Neville Chamberlain visits Downton for dinner, and is drawn into Violet’s plan to "save" the hospital, with distressing consequences for everyone. Andy finds an unexpected confidante while helping Mr Mason move into Yew Tree Farm. Meanwhile, Mary is uncertain if she has met her love match.

Edith meets Bertie Pelham in London again, and Spratt comes to Denker’s aid. Mrs Carson struggles to keep Mr Carson happy, while Mary thinks secrets are being kept from her.


Cast List


  1. Henry Talbot uses the phrase La Belle Dame sans Merci when talking to Mary and Tom at a pub. It is a reference to a poem by John Keats[1]. La belle dame sans merci, the beautiful lady without pity, is a femme fatale; a Siren-like figure who magically attracts lovers with hypnotically irresistible voice and charm only to lure them to their deaths; similar to mermaids, and an enchantress Circe. She destroys because it is her nature to destroy.[2]


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