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Slade: "You seem to be in charge. Not like an assistant at all."
Daisy: "Me and Mrs Patmore have worked together for a long time."
Slade: "Ever thought of going it alone?"
Daisy: "Do you always try to change people's lives after knowing them for half an hour?"
2013 Christmas Special

Ethan Slade is the valet of Harold Levinson, who travels to England with him in 1923. His forwardness and personality upset Mr Carson and Mrs Patmore. He states he has never crossed the Atlantic before this trip, and mentions going on a European tour with Harold and Martha Levinson which includes trips to Spain and England.

He develops an attraction for Daisy, but does not approach her about it for fear of pushing her away. He later tells her that his employer is fond of her cooking and presents her with the offer of returning with him and Harold to America and working for him (though he is primarily motivated by his attraction to her). But she declines, even when he says they could make a go of it. Ivy asks to go instead. He is not too keen to accept because he says "it would've worked with Daisy" (meaning he was never attracted to Ivy), but ultimately does.


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