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Father Dominic is a Catholic priest who baptizes Sybbie Branson.



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Father Dominic, with Robert Crawley, Violet Crawley, and Sybil Branson.

After the photographer at Sybbie's christening takes a picture of the whole family, he suggests a photograph of the baby with Robert and Violet, and also has Father Dominic join them, which makes both Robert and Violet a little nervous. Cora asks Robert jokingly if he's afraid he'll be converted when he's not looking. He and his mother manage, as the photograph is taken.


  • Tom tells Mary he's taken care of the arrangements for Sybbie's christening with the Catholic church in Ripon, so this is where Father Dominic preaches.
  • Though never confirmed, it is possible Tom attended mass in Ripon when he first lived at Downton, so it is therefore possible he may have known Father Dominic prior to his daughter's christening. It is also possible during Tom's second time living in Downton that he and Sybbie returned to the church for mass.


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