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Mary Crawley: "How many moments of Crawley history has this room seen?"
Matthew Crawley: "And many more to come."
— Matthew and Lady Mary Crawley survey the Hall[src]

The Great Hall is the central atrium of Downton Abbey, and reflects the gothic nature of the house with its arched ceiling, sweeping columns and intricate styling. The intricate Middle Eastern rug is only removed for special occasions, like weddings, but during the Great War tables were erected for soldiers to eat at. At Christmas time, a great tree is put up in the Hall, striking awe into the hearts of those who see it. Concerts have been held in this Hall in Episodes 2.01, 4.03 and 4.06, and numerous parties, like the cocktail party in Episode 5.05 and the Christmas party for the tenant farmers in the 2014 Christmas Special. Many dramas have occurred beneath its skylights, including Mary and Matthew's kiss, which the latter believes led to the death of Lavinia Swire, and Atticus Aldridge's proposal to Lady Rose. This room really is the heart of the house.