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Guy Dexter is a famous silent film actor that appears as a significant character in Downton Abbey: A New Era. He stars in the lead role of The Gambler, which is filmed at Downton Abbey.


Guy Dexter (born Quentin Sidebotham) is a famous actor. He was born and raised in England, although he moved to Hollywood ca. 1918. Originally he was working as a menswear salesman, but one day, while modeling a product, he was discovered by an acting scout. He has no formal acting training, but he starred successfully in many silent films, including one called Casanova, which was much admired by Daisy Parker.

He arrives at Downton Abbey to act, opposite Myrna Dalgleish, in a new silent film. Mid-filming, the film becomes a "talkie," which concerns Guy given his lack of training. He proves a natural at acting and looping his dialogue, compared to Myrna, who struggles to adapt to the new medium.

Guy has a very easygoing personality. He does his best to put the Crawleys at ease when he arrives, and is also willing to talk to the admirers among the extras and the staff at Downton. In particular, he strikes up a friendship with Thomas Barrow, telling Thomas to call him by his first name and confessing his worries about his career. Thomas encourages him, and Guy ends up offering Thomas a job at his house in Hancock Park. When Thomas asks for further clarification, Guy suggests that the offer can mean "as little or as much as [he] likes," and Thomas, confirming that he is interested in a romantic relationship, accepts.


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