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Harewood House is the Yorkshire estate of the Earl of Harewood. When King George V and his queen Mary of Teck visit Downton Abbey in 1927, they plan to go on afterwards to Harewood, where their daughter Princess Mary is currently staying along with her husband, the son and heir of Lord Harewood (who is ill, which is why they are there).

Lady Grantham, Lady Hexham, and Lady Mary Talbot pay a call on Princess Mary at Harewood prior to the King and Queen's arrival. She is delighted to meet her sons, but when her husband enters, he orders the nanny to take them out and not bring them down again later that day. He leaves the ladies, and Princess Mary is upset.

Later, a ball attended by members of the Crawley family is held in the monarchs' honor. At the ball, Princess Mary tells her parents she intends to stay with her husband, having been inspired following a conversation with Tom Branson. Lady Bagshaw, at Lady Merton's behest, tells Violet Crawley the real reasons why she intends to name Lucy Smith as her heir. Violet understands and welcomes her back into the family. Lord and Lady Hexham also learn that the former will not have to attend a Royal Tour as previously thought, Lady Grantham having spoken to the queen who then spoke to the king.

Lucy Smith and Tom Branson share a private dance on Harewood's veranda.

Historical Notes[]

  • In 1927, when the film takes place, Princess Mary would have been living at Goldsborough Hall. She didn't move to Harewood House until 1929, when her husband succeeded her father-in-law as the next Earl of Harewood. This is referred to in the film - Princess Mary mentions that she and her husband have come to help run the ball as "Lord Harewood is ill".




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