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Mary: "It's so empty. I didn't know they'd gone."
Richard Carlisle: " [The Russells] 've given up."
Mary: "You can't blame them. When Billy was killed, it knocked the stuffing out of them completely."
Mary and Sir Richard Carlisle talk about Haxby Park.[src]

Haxby Park is a 12,000-acre estate located near Downton Abbey. It was initially owned by the Russell family, who were neighbours to the Crawleys for centuries, but they sold the house to Sir Richard Carlisle after their son Billy Russell was killed in the Great War. Mary calls it a large and rather vulgar house. Robert also says that Mary had been going to Haxby park since she was a little girl "in a party dress".

When Mary and Carlisle break off their engagement, Carlisle tells Mary that he will sell Haxby Park and expects to get a profit from it.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • Haxby Park is Waddesdon Manor near Waddresdon, Buckinghamshire for the exterior and Halton House near Halton, Buckinghamshire for the interior.