Iain Glen (born 24th June, 1961; Edinburgh, Scotland) is the actor who plays Sir Richard Carlisle on Downton Abbey.

Behind the Scenes

Glen, Rose Leslie, Ron Donachie, Simon Lowe, and James Faulkner, who each appear in a different season of Downton, and Mark Addy, who appears in the film, all star in the series Game of Thrones. Glen portrays the main role Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones. Glen plays a scene alongside Simon Lowe, who makes a brief appearance as a wine-seller.

Glen played a central role in the miniseries Mrs Wilson, which also starred Patrick Kennedy, and starred in City of Vice alongside Nigel Harman and Geraldine James. He also starred in Henry IV Part II of The Hollow Crown, as did Alun Armstrong; Armstrong and Michelle Dockery both starred in Henry IV Part I.

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