Igor Kuragin: "Come my dear. Nothing is more tedious than other person's misfortunes. Let us just be grateful to Lady Grantham."
Irina Kuragin: "Last time we met, the circumstances were rather different."
2014 Christmas Special

Irina, Princess Kuragin, is the wife of Igor Kuragin, both of whom fled their homeland following the Russian revolution, during which time they became separated.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2014 Christmas Special[edit | edit source]

Irina reunites with her husband in England in 1924, while staying with Violet Crawley at her house. Violet gives her some of her old clothes to wear, but Irina treats her with disdain, and expresses a loss of the will to live.

Violet later reveals to Isobel that she attempted to elope with Prince Kuragin, but they were discovered by the Princess, who pursued them. She pulled Violet out of the carriage and sent her back in the transport she had come in. Violet later looks on this incident as Irina saving her from ruin, something she's never regretted.

Irina and her husband soon move to Paris, France, where other Russian refugees have settled.

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