"Can I kiss you before I go?"
—Jane Moorsum's last words to Robert Crawley. [src]

Jane Moorsum was a housemaid at Downton Abbey from 1918 until April 1919.

Jane was employed to work at Downton in 1917 because she was widowed after her husband, Harry Moorsum[1], died in the Battle of the Somme; she came to Downton Abbey looking for work in order to support her 12-year-old son, Freddie Moorsum. She took the spot of Ethel Parks who was forced to resign and was in service until 1919. She was easily hired and her mother took care of Freddie if she should need it while she is working. She developed feelings for Robert, feelings that he returned, and the couple shared a few kisses. Robert helped Freddie, a keen mathematics student, to get a scholarship to Ripon Grammar. Soon after, realizing nothing would come of the affair, Jane handed in her notice and left.

Jane's short lived affair with Robert was never found out by his wife, Cora. Even after Jane had left, Robert assured her that he will pay all the costs of her son Freddie's education.

Her mother has or works in an apple shop. Jane often gets lots of apples from there.


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References Edit

  1. Downton Abbey: The Complete Scripts: Season 2, Episode 6. Page 358. Although a delete scene in the episode, the script says that Jane's husband was called "Harry"
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