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John Harding is Gwen Harding's husband.


John Harding married Gwen Dawson, who sent a letter to her former colleagues, Downton Abbey's servants, to let them know it.


In 1925, John Harding and Gwen visited Downton to see Lady Rosamund Painswick and to discuss Hillcroft College. Gwen didn't know that Rosamund was Lord Grantham's sister, so she didn't find out she was returning to Downton Abbey until she saw it.

Mr. Harding knew his wife was a maid, but he didn't think she worked in that estate. Disrespected by his former colleague Gwen's rise in social standing, Thomas Barrow made it known to all diners that Mrs. Harding had worked with them until a little more than ten years earlier. Gwen didn't intend to talk about it, but she had to do it now: many at the table were, in fact, convinced that they had already seen her. So over lunch, they talked about Lady Sybil, who helped her find a job as a secretary, and they honor her memory.

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