John Pegg is a young man from the village whom Isobel, at Dr Clarkson's urging, agrees to help find a job as a gardener. Isobel had met John's mother and sister Greta earlier while helping out at a clinc. When John first meets Isobel, he keeps calling her "your ladyship" instead of "Mrs Crawley" (Dr Clarkson explains that the village sees her as one of the family, prompting her to remark that she's not one of them, not an aristocrat) but later refers to her as "mam" instead.

She persuades Violet to let him come on at the Dower House.a However, when a valuable letter opener of Violet's goes missing, she is convinced Pegg stole it while watering plants in her study. She threatens to sack him, but Dr Clarkson and Isobel persuade her not to until an investigation can be conducted.

Things only worsen for Pegg when another possession of the Dowager's goes missing, so she sacks him. But then Spratt finds the second missing item, and Isobel finds the first, both of which had simply been misplaced.

Pegg is then rehired.

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  • aThe scene with Isobel, Mrs. Pegg and Greta Pegg does not appear in the original ITV (UK) broadcast, but was included when broadcast by PBS (US).


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