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John Bates Jr. (born 31 December 1925) is the son of Anna and John Bates.[1] He was born on New Year's Eve 1925, right before the New Year was announced. He is named after his father and has inherited his mother's blonde hair.


While Anna was waiting on Lady Mary in the Queen Caroline Bedroom, her water suddenly broke. Lady Mary insisted that Anna not be moved, despite the fact that it was highly irregular. Richard Clarkson successfully delivered the baby, and Henry Talbot informed Mr Bates that his wife was giving birth.

John and Anna Bates celebrated their son's birth and the New Year together, delighted to at last have a child.


The Movie[]

Johnny is more than one year old. He was with his parents when they were asking Thomas Barrow to do something regarding the way Downton's staff were being treated by the visiting Royal staff.

His daily care is being handled in the Downton nursery. Anna and Mr. Bates discuss who would get him before going back to the cottage.

A New Era[]

His role in the second movie remains to be seen, being about two years old.





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