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Tufton's at your service. Good afternoon, ladies. They needed a bit of muscle, so they sent for Tufton. Come on, feel that muscle. Eh? That's my name, Jos Tufton — See that stall over there with the spices on? That's me. If you want a bit of spice in your life, send for Tufton.
—Mr Tufton flirting with two ladies after Jimmy Kent called him to be part of the Downton team in tug-of-war at Thirsk fair in 1921.[src]

Jos Tufton is a man who bought Mr Cox's store in Thirsk in 1921. Mr Cox had been one of Beryl Patmore's suppliers at Downton Abbey, but Jos Tufton has bought his store and his stock. Mrs Patmore, the cook at Downton, had sent in an order to Mr Cox, and Tufton took the liberty of filling it and delivering it to Downton himself. He got the entire order correct except for the ginger (he sent powdered, rather than fresh). Thus he became one of the produce suppliers at Downton Abbey. He takes the oppurtunity, while in the Downton kitchen, to sample Mrs. Patmore's cooking. To exchange the ginger, Thomas, Alfred, and Jimmy make a trip to his store.

He is loud and bumptious. He brags at the drop of a hat about everything and at one point announces to all that he is in love with love. He is briefly involved with Beryl Patmore in September 1921. Mrs Patmore confides in Mrs Hughes that he has asked to "squire" her around the fair. Mrs Hughes suspects that Mr Tufton is looking for a wife. Mrs. Patmore has bought a new blouse which Tufton says makes her look like a model. At the fair, Mrs Hughes is increasingly alarmed as she sees him flirting with numerous women, including his employee Lucy, who minds his booth in his absence.

The young men of Downton engage in a tug of war. Jimmy makes a bet getting very good odds and directly afterwards asks Jos Tufton, as a Downton supplier, to join the Downton team. Jimmy wins his bet, after Mr Tufton, a large man, agrees and they beat the other team. Tufton has asked Mrs Patmore to bring sandwiches, and while he eats them he tells her that she is the cook for him. Later, Mrs. Patmore tells Mrs Hughes that Jos Tufton has proposed. However, when Mrs Hughes recounts the evidence that she witnessed of his womanizing, Mrs Patmore is actually relieved as she hadn't really wanted to say yes. They surmize that Tufton had been more interested in Beryl for her cooking skills, than anything else.


  • "I love to be in love Mrs Hughes. I’ll not deny it. Anytime. Anyplace. I love to be in love."

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by John Henshaw.


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