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Lord Grantham: "I'm sorry it's all a bit casual."
Lady Manville: "It's exciting, Lord Grantham! I feel like one of those bright young people they write about in the newspapers!"
— An exchange between Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham and Lady Manville.[src]

Lady Manville was one of the local gentry around Downton, in North Yorkshire.

Lady Manville was one of the attendees at a dinner party hosted by Lord and Lady Grantham at Downton Abbey in 1920. By misfortune, the oven in the kitchens stopped working properly and dinner could not be served. However, Martha Levinson, the American mother of Lady Grantham, suggested an "indoor picnic" comprised of anything Carson could find in the larders. Lady Manville was, at first, a bit shocked on how casual the dinner party had turned out to be, but later expressed her excitement to Lord Grantham and joined Mrs. Levinson in singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" in the drawing room with the other guests.

Lady Manville later attended the nuptials of Rose MacClare and Atticus Aldridge in 1924. Accidentally offending Lord and Lady Grantham, she enquires of them, without actually saying the words, as to how they are coping with having a Jew in the family. Cora sharply replies that her father was Jewish and a quite embarassed Lady Manville makes her excuses to talk to "Louise."


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