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Carson: "Poor Lady Raven. When you think of her life ten years ago, and now. I'm told she has some dingy little house north of the park. It's a wonder they still ask her to stay."
Mrs Hughes: "Well, perhaps her ladyship does not wish to cast away an old friend because she lives north of the park."
Carson: "I know, I know. But still, it's sad."
— An exchange between butler Charles Carson and housekeeper Elsie Hughes.[src]

Baroness Raven[1] was an old friend of Cora, Countess of Grantham. She was part of the wealthy nobility before the Great War but, by 1922, she had moved to a "dingy little house north of the park" and seemed to be used to having no maid.

Lady Raven was one of the attendees at a house party hosted by Lord and Lady Grantham at Downton Abbey in 1922. She was lodged in Fontenoy Room, and brought no maid with her (Edna Braithwaite was assigned by Mrs Hughes to help her dress). She seemed to have been treated in a polite, if not slightly condescendent, way by the other attendees; the Duchess of Yeovil referred to her as "Poor Lady Raven".


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  1. Episode 4 of Series 6 reveals that Lady Raven must be a Baroness, though whether she is a Dowager is not revealed. An Earl would be announced as "the Earl of [title]" (Carson announces an Earl in this manner in Series 5 Episode 6), a Duke or a Marquess would be announced in a similar fashion, and a Viscount would be announced as "The Viscount [title]"; their widows would be Dowager Countess, Dowager Duchess, Dowager Marchioness and Dowager Viscountess when verbally announced (Violet, for example, is always announced as "The Dowager Countess" unless informally amongst family). Baron is the only degree of the Peerage that is always referred to, both verbally and in correspondence, as "Lord [title]" and that is how Lady Anstruther is announced and spoken about - "Lady Raven", which is how a Baron's wife or widow is verbally addressed.