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Lesley Nicol (born August 1953; Manchester, England) is the actress who plays Beryl Patmore in Downton Abbey.

She is also well known for playing Auntie Annie in East is East and its sequel West is West and for playing Mrs Pants in Blackadder II.

As a downstairs actor, she did most of her Downton Abbey filming at Ealing Studios. Only rarely going to the Highclere set. She says it helps her performance, as it is a bit awe-inspiring to be there.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Lesley remarked that she didn't come to the Highclere set often, as most of her scenes were shot on the Ealing kitchen set. When she did go there, the scale of the place made her feel small and overwhelmed.[citation needed]
  • Lesley once described Mrs. Patmore as knowing that she is witty and enjoying it.[citation needed]

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