London is the capital city of England.

The Crawley family have a house in London, which they all go to in 1923 for the London Season and Rose's debunate and later her wedding to Atticus Aldridge. But when one or two of them goes to London for a while on their own, they typically reside with Rosamund, a permanent resident. Her brother on the other hand stays in his club there with John Bates when he goes there without the rest of the family.

Michael Gregson lives and works in London as editor for a magazine called The Sketch[1]. Edith Crawley, who has her column with this magazine, occasionally comes to London on business. But by 1922, she visits London more so to be with Michael, with whom she has fallen in love. After he disappears and she realizes she is pregnant with his child she goes to an underground clinic there with the intention of having an abortion, but chooses not to go through with it at the last minute.

When Michael is confirmed dead, Edith inherits his company as well as his flat. Initially she rents it out to a tenant who later decides to move out, after which Edith chooses to keep it empty and use it as her own London residence.

Rose visits London many times before her debunate, primarily to meet lovers such as Terence Margadale then Jack Ross, a singer at London's Lotus Jazz Club.

Hugh MacClare, the Marquess of Flintshire, and his wife Susan, Rose's parents, planned to move to London following their stay in India, having lost their Scottish estate of Duneagle Castle due to a loss of money.

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  1. The Sketch was an actual British illustrated newspaper weekly, which focused on high society and the aristocracy.
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