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light blue coloured room which carefully shelters Lord and Lady Grantham is furnished with a grand and decorative four poster bed, side tables with electric lamps and a biscuit jar, a dresser which is cluttered with scent bottles, powder puffs, brushes and other beauty products. A chaise lounge, fire place and a chest of drawers. The room, albeit tastefully decorated, is privy to many of the family's secrets, as well as some of the servants': from 1912 up to 1923 Miss Sarah O'Brien plots within its walls, upon this we see Lord and Lady Grantham fall out after the death of their youngest daughter Lady Sybil. Also, in 1924 Miss Baxter's secret emerges from her abandoned past as a thief. The room also plays host to a dramatic climax to a one party love affair on the part of Simon Bricker, from which we see him sneak carefully into the room under the cover of darkness during Lord Grantham's over night's stay elsewhere. However Bricker's plan does not end well when Robert returns home early finding the intruder in the room.

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