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The Lotus Jazz club is a club with jazz music and dancing in London where Jack Ross works. There he meets Rose MacClare and other members of her family.



After dinner at 35 Belgrave Square, Sir John Bullock takes Lady Mary, Lady Rose, Lady Rosamund, Tom Branson and Anthony Gillingham to the Lotus Club. There, Gillingham and Lady Mary dance, as do Sir John and Lady Rose. However, the former's 'evening of cards and whiskey' had 'already begun', so he was rather drunk. Dancing erratically, and yelling at the top of his voice, Sir John ran off when he realised that he was going to vomit, leaving Lady Rose stranded without a partner. Jack Ross stepped in and saved her from embarrassment, shocking Lady Rosamund. The whole party left soon afterwards.

Behind the Scenes[]

The scenes were filmed at the Savile Club. HG Wells, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling were all “Savilians”. To this day women aren’t allowed to be members. However, a real-life Lady Rose might have danced there: men are encouraged to bring wives and female acquaintances to socials.