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Loxley House
Location information
Location YorkshireEngland
Use Private residence
Owner Anthony Strallan
Inhabitants Anthony Strallan

Maud Strallan (formerly)

Affiliation Strallan family

Loxley House is the home of Anthony Strallan. It is a large, Georgian home in Yorkshire. According to Lady Mary Crawley, the downstairs rooms were all right, but the bedrooms presented some difficulties.

Known Rooms[]

Ground Floor []

  • A "large drawing room".
  • Library

Upper Floors []

  • Bedrooms (exact number unknown)


2011 Christmas Special[]

Edith Crawley visited Sir Anthony on New Year's Day in his library for tea, hoping to go for a drive 'like... [they] used to'.

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However, understanding she really wanted to rekindle their relationship, Strallan declined, stating that he was too old for her and that since he was crippled during the war he did not need a wife, but a nurse, and that he 'could not do that to someone as young, and lovely as you'. She however did not accept this speech.

Series 3[]

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Lady Edith paid Sir Anthony another visit, where he again received her in the library. Later, on the eve of her eventful wedding to Strallan, Edith informed Sybil that there was not masses to be done to the place, and Isobel advised her not to rush into home refurbishments, saying that she ought to get a feel for the place first.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The real location of Loxley is Hall Barn in Buckinghamshire.
  • The same location used for home of Maggie Smith's character in Gosford Park (screenplay also written by Julian Fellowes).
  • The spelling of the name "Loxley" is taken from the Series Three Script Book.


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